A Short Installation Guide of Solid Wood Countertops and Kitchen Islands

Solid wood countertops

Strong wood countertops are natural goods made approximately 120 years old from wood from trees. Wood is a living material, and the more moisture it gets, the greater the expansion of the wood countertop. The wood used in solid wood worktops has traditionally been kiln-dried to a humidity level of 6 percent, so the worktop mustn’t be continuously exposed to a high humidity level. Normally, in kitchens, the humidity level is between 50-70%.

Using just wood screws and washers, the solid wood top must be connected to the cabinet box. Gluing the top on the cabinet box is not recommended; the top and the box expand and contract at different speeds, so cracks can eventually emerge, most likely on the cabinets’ surface.

Metal fittings around the cabinet box are the right way to mount a solid wood roof (see our web page).

The metal fixings must be evenly distributed over the entire length of the top, spaced from each other at a 1′ – 1.5 ‘distance. The top is normally fixed with three screws around each metal support’s width, one in the center, one towards the front edge, and one towards the rear edge. It is necessary to level the supports perfectly; otherwise, stresses in the wood will build, leading to warping, cupping, or cracks.

To prevent cracks and breaks, we suggest pre-drilling the screw holes into the wood countertop. It is a good idea not to over tighten the screws for the same purpose. The completion will greatly reduce the frequency of such motions but will not eradicate them. The lengthwise movements are negligible due to the laminated nature of the frame, so the installer should pay attention to the movements occurring around the panel’s width. The holes in the metal fixings should be elongated in the motions’ direction to avoid the creation of inner tensions (see our web page ).

When exposed to normal humidity levels, i.e., 50-60 percent, the worktop’s width can expand by 1/12-1/24, but this measurement can expand by up to 1/2 ” or even more for some species when exposed to a level of 80-90 percent. Therefore, when the rear edge of the countertop is mounted against a wall, the wall can restrict the natural movements of the top, leading to unwanted tensions in the w

The rear edge may also be tightly attached to the metal supports below, thereby allowing natural motions to take place at the expense of the opposite edge.

In this case, the holes corresponding to the metal fasteners’ rear edge will be no wider than the diameter of the screws, while the holes corresponding to the middle portion and the front edge will be elongated.

Solid wood countertops

Solid wood countertops

Kitchen Decorating Is Easy To Do

Themes of kitchen decor can transform a boring kitchen into a lovely living room. The correct theme, being the central meeting place for family and friends, will make every occasion a memorable event.

Kitchen decorating can be bright and plain, or it can become a great conversation piece with a little more effort. It is very necessary for long-lasting pleasure because you spend too much time decorating your kitchen to suit your taste.

One of the most significant aspects of kitchen decor is the development of open space areas. Next, there is often a good idea for large countertops with easy to clean surfaces. And choosing floor materials that are both beautiful and sturdy belong in the modern kitchen of everybody.

Kitchen design themes have many benefits, but be sure to give you plenty of time for careful preparation and careful consideration for a stylish kitchen that works properly according to your family’s needs.

Themes of kitchen design can be made to suit the taste and budget of everyone. Here are some of the more common themes:

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Home Sweet Home Themes for Kitchens

Kitchen Themes with Vivid Colors

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Kitchen Mexican Themes

It has never been simpler and can be a lot of fun to build yourself with today’s access to internet shopping for kitchen decor themes.