48 Unique Engagement Rings Ideas

48 unique engagement rings ideas 73

Modern brides break traditions and think out of the box, from their dresses to accessories and the wedding proper – they set standards! Rings are not left out, that’s why engagement ring trends 2019 is one of the most searched phrases on Google. Every girl needs that ring she can proudly flaunt.

Engagement rings are a symbol of love, promise and commitment, picking one is serious business. This is a piece of jewelry that the bride may wear for decades and pass on to the next generation as heirloom. This makes a lot of thought go into choosing one. Every bride is unique and will choose a ring that matches her personality, fashion style and comfort.

There are so many breathtaking designs available today, that will make a bride spoilt for choice. We are only halfway into 2019 but have seen stunning engagement rings that made our jaws drop! Brides will never run out of options, there’s millions of cuts, types and styles to suit every bride!

Take the traditional bride for example, she’d love the different styles that simple engagement rings present. But give her solitaire diamond rings? Her heart will skip a beat! Some brides are very modern and choose not to stick to traditional, they will prefer white gold rings to the traditional yellow gold colors.

What’s a ring without your personal touch? Brides who want some originality will go for the unique engagement rings. Decadence, statement and unusual best describes black and yellow diamonds. This will best suit the bold and elegant bride who is not scared to stand out!

We will not forget the bride who’s on a budget, you don’t need to break the bank to get your dream ring. There’s something cheap but classy and very lovely for you.