30+ Boho Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

30+ boho wedding hairstyles ideas 34

Bohemian weddings are rather trendy these days. They convey a relaxed and laid-back approach when celebrating your marriage. If you are planning a boho wedding, you should be careful with your bridal look. Apart from the wedding dresses, boho wedding hairstyles seem to be crucial, too.

Many boho brides choose to wear loose hair to get that laid-back effect, be it straight or curly. Bohemian headpieces or some floral crowns will really help. Others prefer to have trendy loose braids. Some even try stylish updos with flowers as decorations to get an eye-catching look.

No matter which wedding hairstyle you choose, always bear in mind that it reflects your personality and you can turn to a hairstylist for help if you are not sure about the look. Below are some amazing boho wedding hairstyles we’ve collected from real weddings on Pinterest. Hopefully you will find one for your own big day!

BOHO INSPIRED Unique and Creative Wedding Hairstyles